Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

Imago Clinical Training

"I am in awe of this works and grateful to be learning from Marcia. This truly feels like a gift for me personally and professionally.  Thank You!​"                                                                      IA

Exceptional knowledge of IRT theory and technique.”

"t has been illuminating to see with clarity how my wounding and issues from childhood weave their way into, inform and direct my parenting."

"So many wonderful nuggets, teachings, and an amazing training. I never expected the depth of this training."    


"Imago offers the possibility of developing an I and Thou relationship between parent and child, frank, connected, straightforward, deeply respectful." 

"Marcia is a brilliant embodiment of Imago theory. Gentle, empathetic, responsive, learned, genuine...she is the gift."              


Our participants' feedback...

"Iparticularly want to impart the message to parents in workshops the bit about it never being too late to do this healing work and come into deeper, conscious connection with our children.  This has been an incredibly healing and soothing 'truth' for me."